Founded in 1986, Rome-based MESAR designs and manufactures high performance technological equipment for military and civil markets. MESAR’s know-how and expertise covers integrated power systems, data transmission in radio frequency or optical fiber technologies, and data conversion of different protocols. MESAR complies with the most stringent quality standards (since 1997 compliant with UNI ISO 9001).

MESAR’s products find applications in the terrestrial and naval sector, avionics, railways, Air Traffic Control, and Environmental control. Its innovative technologies rely on collaborations with  research institutes, universities and a multitude of international companies.



1.      UPS

MESAR produces Uninterruptable Power Supply and Protection Systems (SIAP) specially designed to fulfill the high reliability requirements for critical applications.

 SIAP equipment is available in two versions:

  • Three Phase: used for large systems, with high power consumption
  • Single Phase: used for small systems, with low power consumption

2.      MESAR ADS-B System

MADS-B is an high performance ADS-B Ground Station, capable to operate in all the ATM applications, from en-route to airport surveillance, fully compliant with the 1090 MHz Mode-S Extended Squitter Standard

MADS-B receives and processes messages broadcasted over the 1090 MHz RF channel (DF17/18), which contains the most significant airborne information, such as position, identification, altitude and velocity.

The surveillance information extracted by the MADS-B are distributed to other ground ATM systems (e.g. trackers, SDP systems, FDP systems, etc.) via Asterix CAT. 21 standard messages over a duplicated LAN/WAN communication system.

 3.      Radar Monitoring

MESAR produces a series of Test Transported to be installed in the line of sight of Secondary Radar system in order to supply continuous information concerning the functionality of the radar.

The equipment is completely programmable, and is supplied in the single and duplicated configuration. Different versions are available, from simple conventional mode (SIF) only up to the most advanced, capable of operating also in Mode-S Level 3, all in single and dual channel configurations.

Mesar produces also primary radars site monitors (MTI reflectors), available at different frequencies.

4.      Railways power systems

MESAR designs and builds power generation and power conversion systems for railways trackside and on-board applications.

5.      Integrated logistic support

MESAR can repair civil and military radar systems at very competitive prices compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) prices. In addition, MESAR can solve obsolescence problems and extend the life of the systems by replacing old components with currently available parts.


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