Gloss srl It is a company sensitive to social issues, in fact recently has committed to support the work done in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Guatemala by AMKA Onlus.

So it is in order to promote and raise awareness of all forms of support for humanitarian activities.
Letter of thanks President AMKA Onlus:


Your contribution, joint with the holiday season, is for us an important gesture that allows us to continue with commitment and dedication, our field work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Guatemala.

Thanks to your support and your trust, we will be able to also ensure this year, the continuity of our health projects.

In particular, we have decided to allocate your contribution to water projects, very important measures to ensure the health in the villages around the area of Lubumbashi.

Thanks to your donation, we will be able to carry out the maintenance of two wells in the villages Kanyaka and Moses with the replacement of the submersible pump and the repair of worn parts.

On behalf of AMKA Onlus and beneficiaries of our projects, a heartfelt thanks for the support and trust in our projects.

President of AMKA Onlus