AES Airport Solutions is a Spanish company specializing in high-tech supplies. Since its entry into the airport market, AES has become a point of reference in the sector, offering products and systems that guarantee high quality and reliability. AES focuses on finding partners who guarantee the most advanced technical solutions for the airport sector, providing customers with products designed and manufactured with strong criteria of sustainability and efficiency. One of the main objectives of AES is to offer a personalized service, adapting to each situation and satisfying the needs of customers throughout the process, from project definition to after-sales support.

AES, being the official distributor for Europe of the Airsafe company, offers the entire range of ground lighting equipment (AGL - Airfield Ground Lighting) for airports. It includes the latest generation LED lights for approach, runway and runway junctions. Airsafe Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai high-tech enterprise that is the world's leading research, development and production of visual navigation aids. Its products are operational in hundreds of airports around the world.

Furthermore, AES offers technologically advanced solutions for various airport structures, such as breakable supports, constant current regulators, apron lighting.


AES/Airsafe supplies all types of AGL products:

• Approach lights
• Runway lights
• Taxiways lights
• Frangible
• Signaling panels
• Obstacle lights
• Mounting accessories

The units can be either recessed (inset) or elevated, and the lights can be either LED or halogen.