Arianna is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems. Arianna is now majority owned by Carel spa, an Italian multinational company specializing in electronics for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, that brings the assurance of solidity and reliability.

Arianna fittings illuminate suburban and urban roads, roundabouts, cycle paths, parks and tunnels and bring light into manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, car parks, warehouses, large shopping areas and sports fields.                      

The patents registered by Arianna combine the efficiency of LED lighting with high standards of visual comfort.

The technology used allows light to be diffused uniformly, avoiding glare by producing lighting that’s easy on the eye.

Arianna luminaires are designed to allow the human eye to make out all visible objects without being blinded. And since the colour of the light affects the way we perceive the world around us considerably, they produce a high-quality white light - much like that of a full moon -  allowing us to see things sharply without their color qualities being distorted.

Safety in cities is Arianna core concern when it comes to street lighting design. Restoring light to roads and squares without creating dark spots is how Arianna make urban centers welcoming even at night.



1.          DEFLECTO

Deflecto is the first street lighting system to exploit the total reflection patent. Arianna’s technological innovation has been embodied in a product that teams high energy savings with supremely reliable performance.

The original design and unique fin feature for dispersing heat make Deflecto a rather unique luminaire providing excellent standards of light diffusion without the glare.

With its small size and range of configurations to choose from, Deflecto is the ideal solution for lighting streets in and outside the city, as well as squares, car parks, cycle paths, parks and gardens.

2.      LOLA

Lola is a city street lighting product developed by Arianna in collaboration with the Barcelona-based Lagranja design firm.

Selected for the Golden Compass (Compasso d’Oro) award, Lola also received the Delta de Plata ADI-FAD 2012 international industrial design award. This luminaire stands out for its elegant, unfussy lines designed to blend seamlessly with a whole range of different urban surroundings. The sinuous shapes and lightness of the profile make it the ideal solution for lighting historical and modern places alike.

The product’s aesthetic qualities sit comfortably alongside the cornerstones of Arianna’s research: energy saving and technological innovation.

The use of the total reflection patent effectively ensures uniform lighting and high standards of visual comfort

3.      TESEO

Teseo is the LED floodlight designed for use on floodlighting towers lighting roundabouts. This is the first system designed for this application to exploit Arianna’s patented technology. It delivers high standards of visual comfort and lighting uniformity.

The innovation developed by Arianna allows the beam of light to be aimed correctly, focusing it where it is needed and avoiding light loss of any kind.

Arranging a number of Teseo floodlights on the head of the tower produces a ring of light that - by being focused on the road rather than on the roundabout’s central

island - results in considerable energy and financial savings while providing correct lighting.

TESEO is a luminaire designed for Tunnel lighting. It is characterised by photometric data that aim to maximise luminance response. The light blade has been designed to minimise glare and thelight under the luminaire, so as to reduce any electricity wastage.

4.      TITLIS

Titlis is a product developed for suspended lighting applications.

By drawing on our expertise and know-how, Arianna has designed this luminaire to provide excellent lighting performance and visual comfort: diffused lighting without creating dark spots and hardly any glare.

The external design and quadrangular structure mean it sits well in a diversity of urban surroundings, successfully lighting up the night and blending into the background by day.

Designed to provide high energy savings, Titlis is a tangible, sustainable response to local authorities' need to curb costs.

TITLIS is  also designed for permanent tunnel lighting. The optical principle behind the products is a patented total reflection system, in its deflective application. Not only does it reflect the FWHM emission angle, but also the whole emission of LEDs, resulting in reduced glare. The luminaire emits LED rays with an aperture of about 120°.


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