Radtec Engineering Inc. is a Colorado Corporation established in 1993 by principals with over 25 years experience in ground based and airborne weather radars. Radtec headquarters are located in Broomfield, CO, while its Transmitter Division and its Sales and Program Management Office are located in Murrieta, CA and Deephaven, MN respectively.

Radtec boasts state-of-the-art technology and the broadest product line in the industry.  Among its products are the affordable magnetron based RDR-250, the fully coherent Klystron based TDR 43-250, and mobile systems that can be in operation within minutes of arriving at the site location.

Radtec is the only commercial weather radar supplier capable of producing the entire radar system, including modulators, pedestals and antennas, thus maintaining control of the entire manufacturing process.

Radtec offers the broadest product line in the industry, ranging from magnetron to klystron based transmitters, S, C, X and K band, dual polarization and either fixed or transportable/mobile systems.  Radtec’s weather radar solutions are suitable for all weather radar user community customers, serving the aeronautical to the agricultural and meteorological needs. Radtec has developed a highly modular radar architecture.  Its modules can be configured to meet virtually any weather radar requirement, with minimal one-time engineering cost.



Company web address:http://www.radar-sales.com/