Belfort Instrument was founded in 1876 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Belfort Instrument forged its leadership role in the development of meteorological instruments through extensive cooperation with the then newly formed U.S. Weather Bureau. Through these efforts, the Belfort Observatory became the first meteorological Observatory and Instrument Laboratory in the United States by 1896.

During the 1990’s, Belfort Instrument began its research efforts around the challenges of automated weather observations. When the U.S. National Weather Service announced plans to automate routine surface weather observations, Belfort responded to the challenge and demonstrated its leadership role by designing and qualifying three new sensors for the extensive ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System) program. These advanced ASOS sensors have been deployed in over 1200 locations throughout the world. These sensors have dramatically improved system efficiency and improved the overall quality and timeliness of routine observations.


1.      AWOS AV – Digital Weather Systems  

AWOS AV is an advanced, patented weather system design to address the urgent need for delivering real-time, mission critical weather information via wireless transmission. Belfort AWOS AV provides high quality, up-to-the-minute weather conditions to ground personnel and aircraft operators resulting in enhanced aircraft/flight safety and operational performance. This scalable, fully automated system includes all the hardware/software needed for a comprehensive data acquisition and distribution solution delivered through various medium including PC terminal, telephone, Internet and VHF radio transmissions and is comprised of key sensors designed and manufactured and/or distributed by Belfort.

2.   Fixed Base Airport Weather System  

 Belfort Instrument Company also supplies and supports the visibility, runway visual range, and ambient light sensors for the fixed base airport weather system. These sensors, installed at over 200 airports worldwide, represents the latest in the application of COTS sensor technology to sophisticated weather systems.

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