is  a worldwide company leader in Airport Ground Lighting (AGL) photometric measurement through the design, development and manufacturing of a complete family of Photometric Measurement Systems able to asses the compliance with ICAO annex 14 recommendations of all AGL lights, including  the PAPI indicators.




  • SMF/PAPI, the sole system in the world able to measure by ground all PAPI unit photometric characteristics including the elevation angle of white-to-red transition. Accuracy and precision, better than 1 (one) arc-minute, have been certified by several third party international labs and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) that have approved the usage of SMF/PAPI as an alternative to flight inspection procedures;


  • SMF/Mobile, for the fast and accurate measurement of AGL photometric parameters to assess the conformity with  ICAO Annex 14 recommendations; this system has been certified by several CAAs, including CAAC (Chinese CAA); SMF/M is the first equipment, and until today the only one, to have received from CAAC this important acknowledgement for which it had undergone three full weeks of uncompromising tests, including a series of intensive trials to proof the capability of SMF/M to resist to very hard environmental conditions due to temperature, dust, water and vibrations. 


  • SMF/Lab, for the workshop photometric testing of new or refurbished AGL fixtures  before the installation in the field. SMF/L  is particularly suitable for airports with a large number of lights (CAT II/CAT III) and share the same measurement array of SMF/Mobile;


  • SMF/Sign, for photometric performance measurement of Illuminated Vertical Sign  according to the reference grid specified in ICAO Annex 14;


  • SMF/ALS, for the photometric measurement of the Approach signals installed on poles up to 6 m height;


  • SMF/ODS, to detect the presence of obstacles in the approach surface (AS).


Special calibration tools as SMF/CLC (for SMF/PAPI) and SMF/MCT (for SMF/M and SMF/L) are also available to check if any the system performances at customer site.


Argos has also developed the following dedicated systems to increase the “safety” of the airports:


  • RSAMS (Runway Safety Area Monitoring System), dedicated to the immediate detection of Runway Incursion and which can be integrated on request to stop bar system;


  • GVMS (Ground Vehicle Management System), dedicated to display to Air Traffic Controller the location of vehicle (duly labelled) into the Airport as well as to support the maintenance activities through the exact indication of the failures location long Runway, Taxiway and Apron.