MEP is a Holland Company who has been designing Voice Communication Systems for critical applications since 1989. The systems are extremely robust and designed using the most advanced components and technology. MEP’s core business specializes in Voice Switches and Consoles for Air Traffic Control (Main and Last Resort System), and Maritime Traffic Control (Harbours, bridges/locks and Coast Guard).

MEP main characteristics are “In House” Design, development, manufacturing and testing as well as the full standardization that enable customization scalable, flexible and cost-effective Open standards.

Design and production are based upon principles of user friendly, future proof systems, long lifespan, low maintenance costs and connectivity with other devices.

MEP develops software and hardware to meet the most rigorous safety criteria (incl. ED153 and ED137 guidelines).



The TCS990 digital switch has been developed for traffic controllers who guard critical situations around the clock.

The design is the result of over twenty years experience in Voice Switches. The switch supports external IP-networks, telecom networks, remote line interfaces and a variety of consoles.


TBP990 and TCP990

The TBP990 and TCP990 are, respectively, the 15 inch touchscreen console and 12inch touchscreen with a LED panel with light output of 1000 CD/m2 and a wide viewing angle.

STP990 - SVP990

The STP990 is the MEP touch screen console. This console with a 5,7 inch TFT screen is meant to be built in a desk or Euro Rack.

The SVP990 is executed vertical and for the rest identical to the STP990.

Both consoles are also available in red colour.


The external audio interface TCU990 can be connected to all our consoles. The TCU990 can be used on the desk or built in.


The ACU990 connects headsets and handsets. There are line ins for 2 operators and one mentor.


The TCS990 switch can be easily managed and controlled via MEP’s CMSpro tool (Control and Monitoring System). CMSpro is a web server application for Linux and Windows.

Several users can have access to different authorisation levels. All of MEP products can be configured and managed from this user friendly system. Even radio equipment from other brands can be added. Service and upgrades are managed remote via a VPN connection.


The CRU990 Gateway increases the lifespan of existing products during the implementation of ED-137.

The CRU990 module was designed as an efficient, less expensive remote IP/4 wire E&M interface, for a maximum of 4 transmitters, receivers and/or transmitters-receivers.

The CRU990 module allows users to use E&M transmitters/receivers in VOIP networks.