The C.R.E. srl is a company specialized in the design, construction, industrialization and maintenance of units, assemblies and components of electronic and electro-mechanical systems. In business since 2004, has gained experience in all fields of electronics:

  • Radio frequency and microwave
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electromechanics

The strength of C.R.E. is the support to customers at every stage of product development and maintenance: from initial consultancy to the start of production and maintenance activities.

CRE s.r.l, thanks to the skills developed and the facilities at its disposal, offers a complete maintenance service, both for complex systems and parts of them, which includes:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Repair of Subassemblies
  • Resolution of Obsolescence

CRE s.r.l industrializes and produces electronic and electromechanical projects for both civil and military applications. Some examples of completed units are:

  • Communication equipment
  • Radio frequency and microwave equipment
  • Antenna Bases and Antenna Control Unit
  • Automatic diagnostic and testing stations
  • Rack wiring for civil and military applications
  • RF wiring for VHF / UHF applications
  • Wiring for power supply systems