Cadmos is an experienced, dynamic company, expert in integrating stable technologies with the latest generation systems, particularly in ATC. CADMOS innovative labs bring together professional skills in network integration, telecommunications, industrial controls, security and surveillance.



CADMOS’s main product is the ISS (Integrated Surveillance Suite), a complete network solution designed to record, playback, and analyze all data exchanged within the ATC environment.

ISS is an integrated software and hardware system that records simultaneously all relevant types of data:

  • Video
  • audio
  • mouse and keyboard      inputs
  • radar stream
  • alarm signals

The ISS records and synchronizes all this complex information to reconstruct a complete scenario at any given time. The advanced user-friendly interface allows the operator to conduct these activities in a simple, visual and logical way.

Thanks to its local storage technology, ISS guarantees quality performances, such as high frame rate video recording, well above other competitors’ systems.

The user can redirect the playback stream on the network towards any host, such as a projector or a tablet connected via wi-fi, and it is possible to have all these great features without impacting on your network infrastructure, with relevant benefits in terms of reduced costs, scalability and seamless integration with the existing systems.

Additionally, the data recorded through the ISS can be exported in standard format. ISS completely fulfills the requirements of ICAO Annex 10, 11 and 13 on automatic registration and security issues.


2.      SAM (Sampling Acquisition and Measurement)

The SAM series instruments (Sampling, Acquisition and Measurement) are an ideal solution for applications that require to monitor and check serial lines, by centralizing the measurement on a remote station of a network.

Main features of the SAM instrument, that make it unique, are the capabilities to acquire and analyze data from asynchronous or synchronous serial lines, where data are formatted with protocols such as Aircat500, CD2, Asterix and HDLC (making the instrument fully compliant with radar systems). The instrument can be expanded with additional specific protocols upon request



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