Teknel, born in 1973, is an Engineering and Manufacturing company of high-tech equipment, complying with both military and civil requirements. Today Teknel, located in Rome, Milan & Parma, is a well-known leader in the fields of shelters for Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Mobile Defense and Aerospace Systems and in designing and manufacturing of Power Generators. 




Teknel offers a complete line of Oil & Gas shelter systems and solutions including a complete line of enclosures. The platforms are designed to allow the integration of electrical & electronic equipment and can be deployed on a trailer or trucks. Complete modification services are available. Teknel’s Oil & Gas shelter systems & solutions are also customizable and air-transportable.

Our Oil & Gas shelter solutions have been developed to endure extreme climatic conditions, providing an efficient and reliable shelter for men and equipment. Such systems are utilized by the biggest multinational companies who install them in very hostile environments such as deserts, ocean platforms and arctic plants.


Teknel offers a comprehensive MIL-STD product line including Ground Control Stations for UAV, Command and Control Shelter Systems, Logistic Shelters, Trailers and Power Generator Systems, Air Conditioning Systems and associated equipments.

Teknel’s Mobile Command Posts are designed to suit both military and civilian purposes. Such command posts are custom built as per requirements. Mobile Command Posts grant the possibility of extending working space by offering a functional shelter as a facility for a technical room. This feature of Teknel’s mobile command posts provides the possibility of a self-sustaining Operation Control Station. A modular structure of the Mobile Command Posts is also provided on demand. The exceptional features have increased the demand for mobile command posts world wide. Teknel is a specialized manufacturer also of tactical communication shelters.


Teknel is a recognized supplier of Mechanical and Electrical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE and EGSE). The outstanding experience gathered in these fields has contributed to the success on both the Institutional and the commercial market.

In the area of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) Teknel Organization has engineered and managed the complete system MGSE for International Satellites Programs. Teknel Organization has managed and supplied containers, trolleys, and various other MGSE elements to many national and commercial programs.


Teknel designs and manufactures ATC facility shelters with workstations, living quarters, washrooms, mobile communication workshops and NavAids shelters.

Teknel designs to suit any technical needs in addition those involving landscaping, indigenous considerations and aesthetic preferences.

The Teknel mobile tower systems have the proven ability to operate under extreme environmental conditions with high reliability and flexibility. We design, procure, integrate and install according to the cutomer requirements. Military airstrips / Tactical operations / Remote airstrips / Rapid deployment for emergencies / Temporary replacement for fixed ATC facilities / Natural disaster relief operations / Training exercises / Runway supervisory operations.

The Teknel Transportable Towers are a cost effective alternative to mobile and fixed ATC systems. Perfect for small airports, standby ATC facilities and training, the transportable cabin can be mounted on a modified ISO standard 20 ft. shelter. The system can be transported by road, flatbed truck, trailer, train or aircraft.


Teknel has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech Power Generator Sets since 1973. Our Power Generators range from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA and are available in open, sheltered and soundproof configurations according to the needs of the customer. Specifically, where the use of the group is bound to low noise values, Teknel has designed, developed and implemented super-soundproof systems guaranteeing 52 dB (A) at 7 meters which no other company on the market can provide for similar equipment. The technical structure for the maintenance and rental of generators consists of highly qualified personnel in electro mechanics. For over 20 years our employees performed maintenance and repair of generators worldwide, on behalf of the largest telecommunications companies.

Teknel offers also a wide range of Trailer Systems and portable Super Silent generators providing cost-effective energy solutions. The units are ideal for powering job sites, hospitals, factories, equipment shelters or other demanding applications. Containerized generators meet the largest demands.